Start date: 22 de May de 2023
End date: 25 de May de 2023
Time: 17:00 - 20:00
Location: Online

International Community Meeting

Hosted by Playmobil® in the FunPark.


Playmobil FunParks are themed amusement parks based on the popular Playmobil toys. Imagine a place where you can step into the magical worlds of Playmobil and experience them in real life! These parks are designed to provide a fun and interactive environment for children and families to explore and play together.

At Playmobil FunParks, you can enjoy a range of activities and attractions that are centered around the iconic Playmobil figures and their worlds. From play areas and themed zones to toy-building workshops and displays of Playmobil models, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 


  • Different and fun: can help improve the work environment and reduce stress.
  • Creativity and innovation: You will have to think outside the box to make the most of the venue.
  • Teamwork: Games and activities can help strengthen relationships between them and improve collaboration at work.
  • Playful learning: In addition to fun, wecan learn new things in a playful way.


Date and time


Type of course



Who can attend?

We invite you to join this Pro.Play community meeting, where you can strengthen your professional relationships and connect with other industry experts.

Whether you have obtained certification in any of the three levels of Pro.Play, are interested in taking Pro.Play courses in English, or are an employee, collaborator, or promoter of Pro.Play x Playmobil.Pro, you are more than welcome to join this exciting opportunity.


Unleashing Creativity with Playmobil Pro and Pro.Play

We’re thrilled to announce the first-ever Playmobil Pro and Pro.Play community meeting, taking place this October at the Fun Park near Nuremberg. 

This two-day event, hosted by Playmobil and run by Pro.Play, aims to bring the community closer, celebrate successes, and introduce new designs and methodologies. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, learn from the Pro.Play and Playmobil Pro staff, and hear inspiring success stories from the community!

During this action-packed two-day event, participants will have the chance to:


Attend hands-on workshops led by experienced Pro.Play and Playmobil Pro staff, diving deep into innovative methodologies and techniques to foster creativity and collaboration in professional settings.

  • Share their own success stories, showcasing how they’ve leveraged Playmobil Pro and Pro.
  • Play to enhance communication, problem-solving, and teamwork within their organizations.
  • Discover new designs and strategies from fellow community members, expanding their toolkit of tactics to drive meaningful change in their work environments.
  • Connect and network with fellow professionals passionate about harnessing the power of play for improved outcomes in business and beyond.
  • Explore the beautiful Fun Park near Nuremberg, a vibrant and engaging venue that sets the perfect stage for our creative community gathering.

01. Learn and practice modeling techniques and tools using the PLAYMOBIL pro kit.

02. Distinguish between the different types of modeling and their applications to different fields and situations.

03. Learn the application process of Pro.Play® for use in meetings, workshops, sessions…

04. Understand how to use the complementary scenario templates to the kit.

05. Know and practice the application of Pro.Play® techniques and tools.

06. Carry out group practices of the different types of modeling applied to real situations.

07. Learn to design and facilitate sessions using the Pro.Play® methodology with the PLAYMOBIL pro kit.



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