Pro Play . The PLAYMOBIL pro kit is the basis of the Pro.Play methodology Methodology

Tools and techniques

Develop key skills by playing

Play dynamics radically transform how we behave individually and in groups. When playing, people dedicate more and better resources (time, energy, attention) to solve their challenges. In addition to having a series of emotional benefits, the game allows you to work on complex situations in a simple way. By “observing” the situation in the third person, participants discover ideas, alternatives and solutions in a much easier way than when they are immersed in them.


Types of models in Pro.Play®

Another component of the Pro.Plays methodology is the use of models for its application. A model is a representation of reality that allows you to operate with that reality and create alternative scenarios to the existing reality to make better decisions.

Literal Models

These are models that represent the world and situations as they are. Literal models have practical applications for example to prototype situations that are difficult to reproduce, or convert a storyboard into a 3D model.

Metaphorical Models

Using metaphors allows physical representation of concepts abstract. Metaphorical models have practical applications for example to represent emotional aspects or values both individuals and teams.

Fantastic Models

Fantasy unleashes all the power of imagination by creating "impossible" scenarios. Fantastic models have practical applications in the exploration of the future, not only representing but also being a powerful stimulus for the generation of new ideas.


Pillars of Pro.Play®


Start by playing

The latest research has shown the power of game dynamics in environments of all kinds. Understanding the contexts in which to apply each type of modeling, according to its complexity, tools and necessary techniques is key to achieving the results we seek.



Working with “Living models” that is: interactive scenarios that change constantly. It’s the changes and the interactions that occur during the game that allow us to open new perspectives. For that you have to make a careful observation and deliberate what happens during the game.


Extract insights

The “Living models” used in Pro.Play® allow us to explore hypotheses and alternatives to distill learnings that will head us towards the transformation of situations, generating ideas and solving problems. The findings will allow us to multiply the learnings from each models.



Make decisions

Thanks to the interactions with the models and the insights extracted during the game, the methodology allows us to convert the learning into concrete actions that we can apply individually and as a team to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.


The PLAYMOBIL pro modeling kits

With PLAYMOBIL pro, take the game to the next level by combining a wide set of figures, elements, paper accessories and customization options.

Professional Kit includes

Starter kit includes

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Three levels

Certification in Pro.Play® for PLAYMOBIL pro

Learn the Guiding Process and a wide range of modeling techniques that can be used individually and in teams.

Participants will learn the principles that govern the use of Pro.Play in organizations, discover and practice modeling at the individual level, which can be used in groups of all sizes to solve challenges of multiple kinds.

Learn to facilitate team modeling processes in different work contexts and objectives.

Participants will learn to facilitate team modeling to understand complex situations and quickly come up with ideas, improvements, and solutions to the challenges they face.

Learn to work with dynamic and interactive models to understand and solve complex problems.

The world we live in is increasingly complex and changing. In addition to technological tools, we need human tools to be able to deal with these situations. Working with models and simulations that take into account the context, interactions and changes that occur in it is a fundamental skill in VUCA environments.